British Retail Consortium Global Standards

British Retail Consortium Global Standards

The main objective in developing BRC by UK food retail Industries association was to harmonise food safety standards across the supply chain. BRCGS is globally followed by retailers, manufacturers and food service organizations as it meets the acceptance standards set by GFSI. It mainly focuses on eliminating multiple audits, product failure and improve supplier standards and consistency. 

Sectors for which BRCGS implement standards throughout the supply chain are  

  • BRCGS – Food Safety 
  • BRCGS – Packaging Material 
  • BRCGS – Storage & Distribution 

Why you need BRCGS in your company?

  • Improved access to global supply chain
  • Improved organizational practices and food safety system 
  • Brand protection and product quality can be achieved
  • Liability risk and multiple audits can be eliminated 
  • Demonstrated commitment to food safety and quality increases the customers and supplier’s trust 
  • Streamline relationships with EU retailers can be achieved 
  • Improved waste management 

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